I wrote a book!

I wrote a book! No spoiler there. If you’re looking at this page, and more specifically this blog, you’ve probably already deduced that I wrote a book. The book: Celebrity Bounty, is about an ordinary American citizen (well—fairly ordinary…) who wins the largest single lottery in the history of the United States. Unfortunately for our hero, the insanely popular Celebrity Bounty empire wants to know everything about the life of this lucky lottery winner and his family.

In this book, I explore a modern version of America with an even higher obsession with fame (if that’s actually possible). In this world, ordinary, everyday people are richly rewarded for capturing celebrities at their most private and embarrassing moments.

The book is available on February 2, 2016 (makes a great Groundhog Day gift!) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ibooks for only $3.99. All proceeds from the book will go to fund the non-profit I have worked at since 1996, called HOME Line. There, I run a tenant hotline that helps around 15,000 renters every year.

I’ll be blogging on a weekly basis for a few months—don’t worry, I have plenty of material stored up as I’ve been waiting to launch the blog for when the book’s release was closer. This blog will be where I address lots of different topics–writing, observations about the world, my perspective on things as an attorney or a parent or husband.